Who we are, what we do and what we stand for

    Sheppey bowmen are a small and friendly group. We like to have fun as we shoot but keep safety in mind. We are able to offer instruction on shooting in a traditional style, care for your equipment, and help in making your own arrows. we have all known each other for a while now, and between us have many years experience with the bow, and to be honest there is not much that we like more than talking about our selves 

    As has been said before we shoot traditional style bows only, we practice shooting at the marks, which was a traditional way for archers to practice, and this practice would have come in handy, in judging the distance between the archer and his enemy. We try and arrange other things for our members to do, but Shooting at mark is enjoyable as it means you can let rip. 

    We aim to further the practice of traditional archery, so we keep as much as possible to equipment that at least looks traditional, most of us have made our own arrows and there is at least one home made bow in the club. It may not be the best bow in the world, but there is a great satisfaction to shoot with a bow you have made yourself. making your own gear is not compulsory, and we can point you in the right direction when buying gear..

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    And our constitution

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