Flynn's bee farm

    Double J Farm - Elmley Road - Sheppey - Kent - UK - ME12 3SS

    The bee farm is an award winning bee farm and tea room, and we are very grateful to the owners for the chance to use it as our home

    We aim to meet up at Flynn's bee farm once fortnightly on a Sunday. The bee farm is a great place for us to shoot, as apart from having a great big field for us, they also serve great food, and sell bee related items including blocks of beeswax for our strings

    in the summer when, or if the weather improves, we will be holding have a go sessions at the bee farm. If you do not want to wait until then, you are welcome to come join us, However please contact us to find out when are there, as there are areas of the farm that are out of bounds, due to the nature of the farm and business.

    Please visit their website Flynn's bee farm